Vidogram Privacy Policy

Vidogram messenger provides messaging, Internet calling, and other services to users around the world. Our Privacy Policy helps explain our information (including message) practices. For example, we talk about what information we collect and how this affects you.

When we say “Vidogram,” “our,” “we,” or “us,” we’re talking about Vidogram company. This Privacy Policy applies to all of our apps, services, features, software, and website (together, “Services”) unless specified otherwise.

As you might know, Vidogram is an unofficial Telegram client and many of the services that you get by using Vidogram, is actually provided by Telegram company. So, if you have any question about those services, please read Telegram Privacy Policy.


To provide you the Services, we collect the categories of information described below.

  1. To provide you the Services, we collect the categories of information described below.
  2. Information we collect automatically.
  3. Information we get from advertisers, third parties, and offline sources.
  4. Any other information you choose to provide to us.

Most of the data collection and uses described in this Privacy Policy are necessary in order for us to be able to provide you the Services. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, we will not be able to provide you usage of the Services. Some of the data collection and uses are not strictly necessary for us to provide the Services, but they are related, and our basis for such collection and processing is for legitimate interests we may have, such as to analyze and improve the Services as explained in more detail below.

Provide Us When Using Our Services.

Account Information: When you sign up to become a user of our Services, you actually sign up for Telegram service and Vidogram only acts as a middle man between you and Telegram. We collect personal information you choose to provide us, which may include your name, email, and phone number. All of this information that may identify, relate to, describe, reference, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular consumer, household, or device is called “Personal Information”.

Telegram stores your up-to-date contacts in order to notify you as soon as one of your contacts signs up for Telegram and to properly display names in notifications. Also when you open the 'Invite friends' interface, we display the resulting statistics next to your contacts to give you an idea of who could benefit most from joining Telegram. You can always stop syncing contacts or delete them from Telegram servers in Settings > Privacy & Security > Data Settings.

Information We Collect Automatically When Using Our Services.

Location Information: Some features of the Services will not work unless you provide us with some information about your location. If you consent to the collection of location information (e.g., if you permit your mobile device to send us your latitude and longitude), we will collect and use this information both while you are directly using the Services and in the “background” (i.e., at times when you are not directly using the Services). For example, we or our advertising partners may show you content or posts from people around you or places you frequently visit, notifications of things happening around you in real time, or advertisements from businesses near your location. If you do not permit your mobile device to provide us with location information, or location information is not available from your device for technical reasons, we may use your IP address to determine an approximate geographic location for your device.

Usage Information: We collect information about your use of the Services, including access times, pages viewed, user and content interactions and other information about your interactions with our Services.

Device Information: We collect information from and about the devices and browsers you use that integrate with our Services. For example, we collect device type, which may include the hardware model, operating system and version, browser type and language. We may combine this information across different devices you use. For example, we use information collected about your use of our Services on your phone to better personalize the content (including ads) or features you see when you use our Services on another device, such as your tablet, or to measure whether you took an action in response to an ad we showed you on your phone on a different device.

Information Collected by Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: Like most websites and applications, we and our service providers use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to collect information. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in device memory that help us and our service providers to, among other things, improve our Services and your experience by seeing which areas and features of our Services are popular. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default.

Information We Get From Advertisers, Third Parties, and Offline Sources.

We may receive information about you from advertisers, app developers, and publishers, or other online or offline sources with whom you interact and who have the rights to provide us with your information. For example, advertisers, publishers, and other third parties may share how you interact with their ads, websites, or apps, how you use their services, or what purchases you make. We may combine such information with the information you have provided to us in order to provide and improve our Services. We require each of these advertisers, publishers, or other third parties to have lawful rights to collect, use and share your data before providing any data to us.

Any Other Information You Choose To Provide To Us.

You may provide other information directly to us. For example, we may collect information when you fill out a form, update your account, interact with the Services, apply for a job at our company, communicate with us via third-party social media sites, request customer support or otherwise communicate with us.


The security of your personal information is very important, and we take a number of steps to safeguard it. For example, we have implemented technical and organizational security measures that are designed to help protect your information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and modification. We also maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with or exceed federal standards to guard your information, and we anonymize or expunge data when it is no longer necessary to provide Services to our users or substantiate records for an advertiser. From time-to-time, we review our security procedures to consider appropriate new technologies and methods.

Even so, despite our efforts, no security measures are perfect, impenetrable, or 100% secure. We cannot ensure, and do not warrant or guarantee, that the information you transmit to us will remain secure, nor do we guarantee that this information will not be accessed, disclosed, altered, destroyed or used in an unauthorized manner. These are the risks of being online and conducting business online.

Of course, if we learn of a security breach, we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take appropriate protective steps.

Please keep in mind that by using Vidogram, you are using Telegram services and we don’t have any responsibility according to that part of your data that you share with Telegram company.

Assignment, Change Of Control, And Transfer

All of our rights and obligations under our Privacy Policy are freely assignable by us to any of our affiliates, in connection with a merger, acquisition, restructuring, or sale of assets, or by operation of law or otherwise, and we may transfer your information to any of our affiliates, successor entities, or new owner.

Managing Your Information

If you would like to manage, change, limit, or delete your information, we allow you to do that through the following tools:

Services Settings: You can change your Services settings to manage certain information available to other users. You can manage your contacts, groups, and broadcast lists, or use our block feature to manage the users with whom you communicate.

Changing Your Mobile Phone Number, Profile Name and Picture, and Status Message: You must change your mobile phone number using our in-app change number feature and transfer your account to your new mobile phone number. You can also change your profile name, profile picture, and status message at any time.

Deleting Your Telegram Account: If you would like to delete your account, you can do this on the deactivation page. Deleting your account permanently removes all your messages and contacts. All groups and channels that you've created are orphaned and left without a creator but admins retain their rights. This action must be confirmed via your Telegram account and cannot be undone. As was just mentioned above, all your data will be flushed from our system: all messages, groups, and contacts associated with your account will be deleted. That said, your contacts will still be able to chat in the groups that you have created, and they will still have their copy of the messages you sent them. Termination of a Telegram account is irreversible. If you sign up again, you will appear as a new user and will not get your history, contacts or groups back. People, who have your phone number in their contacts, will be notified. The new user will be displayed as a separate conversation in their messages list and their conversation history with this new user will be empty.

Children’s Privacy

Our Services are not intended for children under the age of 13. Therefore, we do not knowingly collect personal information via our websites, applications, services, or tools from anyone under 13. In the EEA, certain default privacy settings will be applied to users under the age of 16 and can only be changed if the legal guardian instructs so in writing.


We will update this privacy policy as needed so that it is current, accurate, and as clear as possible. Your continued use of our Services confirms your acceptance of our updated Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Last Update 13 Aug 2022